The DarkTools suite of command-line utility packages aims to make managing a (web/email/gitlab/etc) server or group of servers much smoother and easier. Written with love in JS for Node.

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The DarkTools Project

The DarkTools project is an amalgamation of various tools I've developed over the ages to help me manage my servers. Convenient for you!

The master branch houses the software. The web-push branch contains the source of the https://dt.xunn.io website, including the special installer script.

Getting started

In theory, it should be very easy to use this tool. Take note that the darktools command is aliased to dt (which is the command used in all examples) automatically for you. You can call darktools from the command-line using either command.


A fully functioning and up to date Linux system with sudo privileges, apt privileges, git, access to https://git.xunn.io, bash, and either wget or curl installed.

This software has only been tested on Debian 8 (Jessie) x64. It has not yet been tested on Debian Jessie x32, Debian 7/Testing, or Ubuntu (though in theory it should work on Ubuntu 15 x64).


Use any of the following two methods to download and autorun the installation script. Yep, it's only one step.

with curl

# bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://dt.xunn.io/installer)"

with wget

# bash -c "$(wget https://dt.xunn.io/installer -O -)"

How to use

(coming soon)

Use dt --help for a full list of possible commands.


(coming soon)


(coming soon)