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moved opensource to intro

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......@@ -90,4 +90,4 @@ dynamically. SwitchCrypt achieves a reduction of at least 3.3x in total energy
use when compared to static approaches; further, we see a reduction of 3.1x to
4.8x for read latency and 1.6x to 2.8x for write latency compared to static
approaches that must pick a single point in the latency/energy/security tradeoff
space. SwitchCrypt is publicly available open source\footnote{\label{note1}\SystemURI}.
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
Our SwitchCrypt implementation consists of 9,491 lines of C code; our test suite
consists of 6,077 lines of C code. All together, our solution is comprised of
15,568 lines of C code. Our implementation is also publicly available
SwitchCrypt uses OpenSSL version 1.1.0h and LibSodium version 1.0.12 for its
AES-XTS and AES-CTR implementations. Open source ARM NEON optimized
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