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    The repositories that define the various microservices and frontends/projects that comprise the C+ web/mobile application

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    All NPM/Composer/etc packages live here. Many are open source. Eventually they will be mirrored on the ErgoDark LLC GitHub page if they are not already.

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    Herein lies a set of repositories that provide tools to assist in the synchronized, organized development of projects, apps, and applications by various ErgoDark-related and/or guest developers. Repositories in this group should be internal/private.

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    This group includes live GLOBAL microservices currently operating in production. See the description for each microservice or the _microservices wiki or the individual repos for details on each service.

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    Repositories in this group are typically configured to have their contents mirrored to a web-visible directory either locally or at a remote location.

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    Any and all research endeavors are included in this group! Most projects will be INTERNAL or PRIVATE.

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    Admin puts all his neat things in here. For admin only.

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    All internal repos not belonging to a specific user belong to this group. These repos will (MUST) not be visible to the public and remain internal. These projects are (MUST BE) visible by all gitlab users and so are not private!

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    All open-source projects belong in this group. They WILL (MUST) BE VISIBLE TO THE PUBLIC WITHOUT AUTHENTICATION TO GITLAB, so keep that in mind!