Commit 8ed072bb authored by Xunnamius (Morty)'s avatar Xunnamius (Morty)

added chalk prettiness

parent 2c08837a
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ import { parse as parsePath, relative as relPath } from 'path'
import term from 'inquirer'
import replaceInFile from 'replace-in-file'
import sh from 'shelljs'
import chalk from 'chalk'
sh.config.silent = true;
sh.config.fatal = true;
......@@ -186,12 +187,12 @@ const eject = () => term.prompt([`Renaming project dir to ${}`);
sh.exec(`cd .. && mv '${parsePath(__dirname).name}' '${}'`);'Boilerplate ejection completed successfully!');'Boilerplate ejection completed successfully!'));
log(`Next steps:\n\t- If you're going to host this project on Github/Gitlab, begin that process now\n\t- Check over package.json for accuracy; remove any unnecessary dependencies/devDependencies\n\t- Check over your vscode launch configuration if you plan on using it\n\t- Look over .env and configure it to your liking\n`);
catch(err) {
log.error(`ERROR: ${err.toString()}`);
log.error(`ERROR: ${err.toString()}`));
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